Please report all absences to the school by calling (07) 8540541 - press 1 for absentees, or by emailing absences@rhs.school.nz preferably before 8:30am on the day of the absence. You will need to provide a reason for the absence for our records. 


If your child/ren arrives late to school, or needs to leave early during the day, they must sign in and out at Student Services. 


Absences are unjustified unless the student is too sick to attend school, or has suffered a family bereavement.  After three consecutive days of medical absence a medical certificate must be provided to the school.  As per school policy, if a medical certificate is not produced the continued absence will be coded as explained but unjustified (E).


Reminder:  When students are feeling unwell, they are to go to their teacher to get a sickbay referral.  The nurse/first aider will then contact home if necessary.  Students are NOT to contact their caregivers directly.  Please do not come to collect your child unless you have heard from the school.


Appointments During The Day

If your child needs to leave school for an appointment please ensure you send a note with your child to school so they can present this to their Learning Advisor in the morning or email their advisor.

Their LA will then provide them with an out of school pass to show their teachers when they need to leave class. The teacher will send the student to Student Services to sign out.  For safety reasons we ask parents/caregivers to collect their child from the reception area.  Office staff are unable to go and find/collect your child if they are not at student services at the prearranged time or for an unscheduled pick up.

Break Leave Passes - Year 13 ONLY

Only Year 13 students with a blue pass token are allowed to leave during break times.

No other students (Years 11 and 12) are allowed to leave school at any time.

Year 13's need to apply and be approved to have a break pass.


Student Leave During Term Time

Whilst we acknowledge that some whānau/families plan their overseas travel / holidays during the school terms, as a school, we advise against it and to avoid this situation where at all possible as the Education Act does require children to attend school each day that it is open for tuition.


Students will be experiencing teaching and learning as well as sitting various assessments throughout the duration of the year. An extended absence could have a detrimental impact on their learning and achievement. RHS does not endorse these leave decisions and you will not receive “permission” as such from the school.


In the event of planned absence, we ask that you NOTIFY the school of your leave intentions by completing form below and contact your child's Learning Advisor as soon as possible to discuss a plan to support their learning and progress.