If your child is going to be LATE or ABSENT from school please ensure you either send an email to or phone the school (8540541) and press 1. State clearly your child’s name and advisory class, reason why they are absent and the number of days they will be absent. If your child is absent for three or more days we MUST have a medical certificate.

Please DO NOT email your child’s advisor re:absences.


Students who have been marked absent from class without an explanation from parents/caregivers will be marked with a ‘T’ for Truant.


If your child is late for school or class with no justified reason from parent/caregiver they will be marked with an 'L' for Late.  They MUST sign in at Student Services if they arrive after 9am. If they arrive prior to 9am, they go straight to Advisory/Ahurea where attendance will be marked.  


Students who are absent for reasons other than medical, family illness, bereavement or National/International Sporting or Cultural representation are marked with an ‘E’ for Explained Unjustified.  



Please keep unwell children at home to avoid spreading illness. Any student that has a tummy bug must be kept home for at least 24 hours AFTER symptoms cease.


If your child becomes unwell at school the teacher will refer them to the Sickbay. The Nurse/first aider will contact you to collect them if necessary. Students are not to contact home directly.



If your child has an important appointment during class time please ensure you email your child’s advisor (the night before if possible) or send a signed note with your child so a ‘sign out’ pass can be issued.

This needs to be done before the start of the school day.  Office staff will not retrieve your child from class if a last minute appointment is made.


Students will not be permitted to leave class without prior notification unless it is an exceptional circumstance.


Students will only be released into the care of a parent/caregiver listed on our database unless we have prior written notice from the parent/caregiver.


Students will need to sign out at Student Services.  Parent/Caregivers must wait for the student in the school office.



If you drop off an item for your child e.g. forgotten lunch, PE gear etc please ensure you message (via email) your child directly to collect it from Reception. 


As timetabled classes often move out of their designated area it is not practical for office staff to deliver goods or messages to students. Office staff can not guarantee that items will be received if students do not come and collect them.



Lost Property bins are located in each Hapu in the Junior School and at Student Services.   Please encourage your child to look through all bins. Small valuable items are held at Student Services.


If your child is leaving RHS for any reason, please ensure you notify the school in writing.  Please email

They must collect a leavers form from reception to be completed and signed by applicable staff and caregivers.