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Digital Citizenship - Mindfulness

Over the next couple of weeks our RJHS students will be investigating how digital tools can be used to enhance our well being. In particular students will be exploring how we can benefit from being mindful. In our fast paced modern lives we might at times struggle to remain calm and balanced when faced with stress and challenges. There is research that suggests mindfulness practice can help to reduce anxiety and stress and can also improve concentration and academic performance.

Mindfulness can teach our students to acknowledge and recognise worry and anxiety caused by our thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness helps put things into perspective without judgement and becoming caught up in our worries.

I use the ‘Headspace’ app which I enjoy, there are some great animations (like this video about changing your perspective) that provide simple reminders about how to stay grounded in the present moment. Reminders also pop up on my phone that help me to redirect my focus back to my wellbeing and taking time out to recharge my batteries.

Mindfulness can take many forms, it could be as simple as taking 10 minutes a day to be unplugged and enjoy the present moment without distractions, simply breathing and relaxing the body. Deep breaths can lower the heart rate and help to reduce anxiety.

We hope you might be able to find some moments to talk with the young people in your lives and your wider whanau about the benefits of being mindful and how you might support each other to make the most of each day and enjoy the present moment.

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” Sonia Ricotti

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