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Welcome to Rototuna High Schools

Rototuna Junior High School is a Year 7 - 10 school situated in the rapidly growing North East of Hamilton. It opened in 2016 with a founding roll of 634 students, across all year levels. We currently have a roll of 1400.


Rototuna Senior High School opened in 2017 with Year 11 and progressed through the year levels annually with Year 13 in 2019.  We currently have a roll of around 800.

The Establishment Board of Trustees was appointed in March 2014. The site was blessed in November 2014, and in January 2015 a soil turning ceremony was held.  Future students, parents, local hapu representatives and politicians were in attendance.

The Rototuna High Schools Office provide administration services to both Junior and Senior High.  The office team is located on the ground floor of the Senior School.


The land on which the schools are be built is approximately 11 hectares in size. The site is located to the north-west of Te Totara Primary School and adjoins a portion of the designation for the Waikato Expressway near North City Road and Horsham Downs Road. 

In Pre-European times, the area around the school was a peat lake named Tunawhakapeke. The lake and surrounding swamps were a source of abundant resources such as tuna (eel) and harakeke (flax) for early Māori.


The kāhu (or swamp harrier) is a prominent bird in our area and is our school emblem. The kāhu was regarded as good luck if it was seen flying overhead during a tribal meeting.  It is also a bird that soars high and represents the high aspirations we have for our students and community too. Parts our branding and uniform also feature orange as one of it's colours and this is reference to kokowai (paint pigment) that was produced from the iron oxide present in the rich peat swamps and gully creeks as the water flowed through them, producing 'orange' water commonly seen in creeks in peat areas.

Rototuna is an area of rapid expansion, with the Hamilton City Council projecting a population of around 20,000 residents in the area within the next few years.

Photo by: Ngahuia Photography

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