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About Us

Rototuna Junior High School prides itself in selecting passionate and talented staff who are
committed to collaborating to ensure our school
vision ‘Connect, Inspire, Soar’ becomes a reality
for our ākonga (learners).

Our space is open and flexible; our modern/ innovative learning environment is designed to foster collaboration between students and co-teachers, to ensure access to state-of-the-art technologies and resources, and to be able to be
arranged flexibly to suit changing learning needs
throughout the school day.

Rototuna Junior High School embraces best
practice evidence and research to ensure the best
knowledge, skills and key competency outcomes
for our learners. We are inspired to employ
innovative teaching practices which embrace the
essence of the New Zealand Curriculum.

Junior SLT

Rototuna High Junior High School is a place that is focused on engaging learners in years 7 to 10 in positive learning experiences. Our learning programme has been designed to ensure that our ākonga (learners) are empowered and prepared for their future. We aim to provide authentic, relevant, real-life contexts that will develop enduring and deep understandings.


Senior Leadership Team

L-R: Katie Williams, Chris Langley, Melissa Moore, Becky Somerville, Michael Tan

Vision and Values

Our Vision is to empower our people to be connected, collaborative,community minded learners inspired to soar.

Our ‘CLOAK’ comprises five interconnected values that describe the way our ākonga (learners), kaiako (teachers) and whānau work together as we pursue our school vision. The CLOAK is founded in values and competencies from the New Zealand Curriculum, and is a part of all learning at Rototuna Junior High School.

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