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We are operating as a cashless school with the following methods being available to pay school donations, EOTC (e.g. camps and outings offsite), course expenses and other school activity fees. Notices will be sent by staff members (mainly teachers) when required for school payments, with parents being able to view their statement of account at anytime through the KAMAR portal. We will also endeavour to send out regular statements of account.

School donations and parent contributions are as follows:

Donations (Tax deductible)

$70 per term or $280 for the year.  For those with two or more students at RHS the donation is capped at $110 per family per term, or $440 for the year maximum for the donation.  For information on where your donation goes, please click the button:


$60 per semester - Foodtech (if Foodtech is taken as part of a module)

$60 per semester - Production Design/Construction (if Product Design/Construction are taken as part of module)

$60 per year ICT contribution towards Educational Software  (eg Education Perfect, Schoology, KAMAR, Adobe, JAMF)

Though these payments are not compulsory they are appreciated by the Board as they allow us to offer and provide teaching resources which may otherwise not be affordable by the school. Please see below for an explanation of Education Perfect.

Other Fees

There may be compulsory fees charged to parents and these will depend on the choices your child makes for their learning and if they partake in extracurricular activities. In all cases for curriculum there will be an alternative programme choice which does not incur a cost. For courses, flight times, sports teams, extracurricular activities and impact projects where parents/students chose to incur a charge, this charge is due for payment when committed to and will be loaded to your student's KAMAR account.  Outstanding debt will become part of the Rototuna High Schools' debt collection procedures.




Internet Banking  
Bank account name: Rototuna High Schools
Bank account number:    12-3171-0098317-01


Please include the student's initials

and surname (e.g. MC Hammer)



Please include what the payment is for. If you are

given a code on a notice please use this.

EFTPOS facilities are available at reception.

We do not accept credit cards at reception, however,

see below.

Credit Card/Visa Debit Card

Payment via credit card or visa debit card can be made

by using the KAMAR parent portal.  Log on to your

students account then go to the "financial" drop down box

and follow the prompts for payment on the portal. 

Link to KAMAR portal as follows:

If you would like to pay the school via automatic payments please contact Andrea Marsden (Revenue Administrator)


School Fees & Donations

Education Perfect 

At RHS we have carefully researched, and decided upon, learning tools and resources that will have the most impact on student's progress and achievement. One of these tools are Education Perfect. 


Education Perfect is an online learning programme that we are using in English, Science, Mathematics and Statistics. The learning activities contain videos, explanations and interactive activities that support the key concepts being taught in class. Students then answer questions ranging from basic recall to more long answer explanations. Statistics are provided to the teachers on how well the students are progressing through the tasks, their completion rate and any concepts they are struggling with. Teachers can also give written feedback on long answer questions. Tools such as this can be used for learning activities like:

  • 'preview' - introducing a basic understanding of concepts to students before class so that during class time students can work on tasks that require them to think more deeply and apply their learning

  • in class tasks to supplement learning at the time

  • follow-up tasks to cement the understanding of concepts after they have been worked on in class


Education Perfect replace what would normally be achieved by traditional textbooks and workbooks, but is interactive, responsive, can be edited by teachers to suit the learning more closely, at a fraction of the cost that would normally be spent on textbooks and workbooks. The content available to our students covers curriculum levels from those covered in Year 7 to Year 13 in Education Perfect so they can also be used by students to accelerate their learning or extend themselves into more challenging learning.


This programme comes at significant cost to the school, and we pay per user. We have tried to be selective as to which learning areas are best suited to benefit from the programme. We appreciate all donations towards the cost of these tools that parents/caregivers can make.


We would encourage all parents/caregivers to ask their children to show them the programme so that you can see the potential and familiarise yourselves with the types of tools being used in our courses.

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