Our Curriculum

Our curriculum model is made up of three connected elements: Advisory, Wānanga Ako/Tautoro and Flight Times (Year 9 and 10 only).

This model offers each ākonga (learner) engaging learning opportunities to achieve academic and personal success. It provides a range of opportunities for authentic demonstration of learning, development of deep thinking and inquiry skills and tools for learning success.

Personalised Learning

At Rototuna Junior High School we place ākonga (learners) at the centre of their learning with our expert kaiako (teachers) challenging and supporting them to achieve to their full potential across all areas of the curriculum.

Personalising learning means we respond to the individual learning needs of your child and foster their personal interests and strengths. This also involves exposing them to a wide range of new learning experiences and opportunities that inspire new passions. This approach motivates and engages ākonga (learners) more deeply as they learn how they contribute to their own success.

Our unique approach includes a caring, small-group environment and personal advisor structure, encouraging the development of independent learning skills through challenging and stimulating curriculum choices.

Learning Advisory

Each student will belong to an advisory group - one teacher will be their advisor or personal coach, for the duration of their time at RJHS. Advisors will work alongside students to set learning goals, monitor their progress, help students reflect on their learning and make wise choices. Teachers will establish strong partnerships with parents/caregivers of learners in their designated group. 

Learning Advisories will be Year 7-10 composite groups.

Wananga Ako/Tautoro

Connected, authentic, collaborative

Wānanga Ako (Year 7-8) and Tautoro (Year 9-10) are courses co-constructed, taught and assessed collaboratively by teachers from several curriculum learning areas in response to students’ needs and interests. These courses are designed to maximise student choice and ownership of their learning, while offering opportunities to engage, develop and demonstrate the richer set of skills and dispositions in our CLOAK. Our goal is for our learners to achieve deep learning and make meaningful connections across learning areas. Students work with their learning advisors to make their course selections.

Flight Time

Flight Times are offered to Year 9 and 10 students. During Flight Time students will be able to follow their passions, or explore activities they want to know more about. The Flight Time courses offered, for the duration of a term, will be responsive to students interests and needs.

Flight Times are an opportunity to utilise expertise from the community to off er supplementary learning. Some learners will be encouraged to use this time for specialist learning assistance.



To build school culture and enhance student wellbeing. Ahurea time will also be used to run specialist pull-out programmes for students requiring extra literacy or numeracy support, elite athlete training programme, and pro-social programmes such as Rock and Water, Friends For Life and the 24/7 Youth programmes.

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