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Our uniform is supplied by NZ Uniforms.


We strongly advise you visit the NZ Uniforms store to sample items before purchasing online. You can now book a time online for a fitting.


Hamilton Store

244 Tristram St, Hamilton

07 839 4550

Please click the buttons to go to the NZ Uniform website for full list of uniform pieces and up to date prices.


The Uniform Club works by allowing you to add payments to a Uniform Club card, which can then be redeemed for goods at any NZ Uniforms retail outlet.

The Uniform Club helps you save for your child’s School Uniform throughout their school journey. Join our Uniform Club and we’ll encourage your savings for your child’s school Uniform.


By becoming a Uniform Club member you will receive a 10% discount off purchases made using your card on a great range of products like, Canterbury Clothing, Jansport Bags, Ascent Shoes (excludes school uniforms).

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All students are required to wear the main uniform items listed above.  The PE Uniform MUST be worn for all physical activities including fitness, PE and sports.  

The tracksuit pictured above is optional but can be used to complement the uniform but is not acceptable as the only uniform. Trackpants are to be worn ONLY with PE uniform, the jacket can be worn with both normal and PE uniform.



Shoes and sandals are to be totally visibly black (i.e. when your child is standing all you can see is the colour black, including side of soles). There are to be no coloured logos or laces evident.  Socks are to be plain black or plain white only. Jandals, scuffs and slides are NOT allowed.

Sports shoes can be worn for physical education and sports practices ONLY.   If your child has a sports practice or a PE course, they need to be in the correct PE uniform, and wearing non marking sports shoes.  These DO NOT have to be all black but if they are not black they can only be worn for PE.  Students are expected to change  back into regulation ALL BLACK school shoes after.  For ease, you can buy all black non marking sport shoes which can then be used all day.

Closed in shoes must be worn for technology classes, i.e. Science, Food, Hard and Soft Materials.


Our PTA have some second hand uniforms for sale.  If you would like to view/buy some, please email or visit the PTA Facebook page - 

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