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We have an inclusive uniform available, with many different items for students to mix and match.


Select from the items below to create your own choice of uniform.

Students should consider that a balance of being comfortable for learning, with looking smart for important occasions.

The Blazer is high quality poly-wool mix.  This is not a compulsory item.

Senior Uniform 1.jpg
Senior Uniform 3.jpg
Senior Uniform 4.jpg
Senior Uniform 5.jpg

PE Uniform

Senior Uniform 7.jpg
Senior Uniform 8.jpg

Premier Sporting Warm Up Tops
Example Above


Premier Sporting Jackets
Example Above


Sports Coach Jacket

Not Part of Uniform

Not uniform.JPG

Additional Information

  • Black skivvy/merino or long sleeve t.shirt (Plain) UNDER shirts is ACCEPTABLE

  • Black tights (opaque or sheer) under skirts/shorts are ACCEPTABLE

  • Black Kapa Haka Hoodie (LOGO’D) are ACCEPTABLE

  • Navy sports council Hoodie (LOGO’D) are ACCEPTABLE

  • Any black pants are NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • Any jeans/cargo pants are NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • All hoodies that are not RHS are NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • Rototuna sports items - Basketball Singlets etc NOT ACCEPTABLE

  • If it's not on this list or pictured, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  If in doubt, see student's kaihautu or SLT.


  • Any shoes are ACCEPTABLE - except, if the student is to be in the Hard Tech room, Kitchen or any other part of the school where Health and Safety dictates what type of footwear is to be used.

  • Any colour socks are ACCEPTABLE.

Our uniform is supplied by NZ Uniforms.


We strongly advise you visit the NZ Uniforms store to sample items before purchasing online.  You can now book a time online for a fitting.  Please click the buttons below to see the full uniform and for up to date prices.

NZ Uniforms

244 Tristram St, Hamilton

07 839 4550

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