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Culinary Fare

The Culinary Fare event is the second largest student competition outside the National Culinary Fare in Auckland. This year there were over 500 entries... Innovative challenges included creating cupcakes, finger food, creative pizzas and cocktails. There was also a knife-skills challenge and a table-setting competition.

Our students were so proud, they looked after each other and were very professional when competing against other secondary schools.

Congratulations to everyone who challenged themselves and participated. We are so proud of you. A special thanks goes to Irma Cooke our Food Technology curriculum leader for all the hard work she has put into preparing our students. And a big congratulations to everyone who won a medal. They are.....

Cold Desserts Carmin Erasmus - Bronze 🥉 Emma Marsden - Bronze 🥉

Mystery Box Perrie Macdonald & Chloe Hill - Bronze 🥉 Callum Mackie & Caleb Hassman - Bronze 🥉 Abbie Watson & Jordan Crosby - Bronze 🥉 Emerald Kingi-Cartell & Erin Lesley - Bronze 🥉 Witty San & Marcela Rada Ruiz - Silver 🥈 Calvin Shen & Aayush Shant - Silver 🥈

Creative Hamburger Chloe Hill - Bronze 🥉 Callum Mackie - Bronze 🥉 Caleb Hassman - Silver 🥈 Abbie Watson - Gold 🥇

Chicken Dish

Carmin Erasmus - Bronze 🥉 Bradley Forsyth - Bronze 🥉 Calvin Shen - Bronze 🥉 Emma Marsden - Silver 🥈 Jordan Crosby - Silver 🥈 Ella Lorraine Smith - Silver 🥈 Maisy Malcolm-Cant - Silver 🥈

Barista Ella Lorraine Smith - Bronze 🥉

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