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Digital Citizenship - Cyber Safety

Be Internet Awesome - Play Interland!

Our students love playing games and using the internet on a daily basis for communication, learning and entertainment purposes. Do you and your family feel confident dealing with potential threats such as hackers, phishers, oversharers, and bullies? Staying safe online fits in well with the ‘O’ part of our CLOAK which represents ‘Ourselves as Learners’. It is important that we are thoughtful and deliberate in making online decisions each day so that ourselves, and our important information stays safe and protected.

Google have developed a game called Interland to help our children navigate and develop their skills in dealing with these threats. It is a world called Interland, you could check out this short video about the Interland game and encourage your children to give it a go. Children learn about how to deal with these threats by completing missions. It is an engaging game (probably most suitable for our younger Junior High students). It works on any device and is free to play. The teacher and parent resource is full of great information and reflective questions that you could use to discuss aspects of the game and what children have learnt.

As part of the Be Internet Awesome plan Google suggests families commit to safe digital citizenship by starting with a conversation at home which is reinforced with a pledge to practice being internet awesome. Key ideas within the pledge:

Internet Pledge

I plan to be...

Smart - Share with Care

Alert - Don’t fall for Fake

Strong - Secure you Secrets

Kind - It’s cool to be kind

Brave - When in doubt, talk it out

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