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Digital Citizenship Celebration

Digital Citizenship - Term 3 Celebration

This term at RJHS our Learning Advisory curriculum was updated and streamlined to cover the following three key strands:

  • Social and Emotional - Students will, develop Digital Citizenship skills and be able to explain key aspects leading to them having a positive Impact on Others and Society

  • Whanaungatanga - Students will develop a sense of belonging and connectedness, to build a strong school culture. This will include Waiata and Assemblies as key components.

  • Learning to Learn - Students will develop reflection skills and tools and be able to apply these in a variety of learning contexts.

Our Learning Advisory curriculum has been rich and varied, ranging from celebrating spirit week to learning about digital communication, digital footprints, effectively reflecting on our learning and the benefits of mindfulness. In the last two weeks of this term students are reflecting, sharing and celebrating what they have learnt in terms of Digital Fluencies.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with students about what they had learnt this term and this is what one of the students had to say - “We learnt about safety on the internet, how to find reliable websites and how to know if they are fake or not. We also learnt about digital footprints which is about what you do online and that everything is recorded and you should be careful about what you post". All the students I interviewed reported enjoying the learning in advisories and were very articulate in being able to explain what they had learnt.

We would also like to remind you of the fantastic opportunity for the community which is the Cybersafety Parent Information Evening.

Cybersafety Parent Information Evening.

Location: St Pauls Collegiate, Hukanui Road.

Date: Wednesday the 26th of September

Time: From 7 – 8.30/9pm

It’s free of charge, however spaces are limited, so parents must RSVP on the event below as attending. The event is rated R18 – As some of the content is not appropriate for children. Please visit the Waikato Police Facebook page, and go to the events to RSVP -

Guest speakers include:

  • Pauline Spence – Educator from Netsafe NZ

  • Detective Reece Durston – Hamilton Police CIB

  • Constable Pete van’t Wout – School Community Officer – Hamilton Police Youth Services.

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