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Junior Newsletter - Term 1, Issue 4 - 20 March 2024


We are on the downward slope towards the end of Term 1 and are so excited about the prospect of moving into our new building. It is very close to being finished. We have a dawn blessing next week and the bulk of the new furniture is on it’s way. We will officially move in on Wednesday 3rd April - immediately after Easter Weekend. The external walkways on the northern side of the building will also be complete. Access to this egress and outdoor space will make a huge difference at break times for us. The final staircase and landscaping will be completed by mid-May. One final project, due for completion next term, is the shade sails being installed over the seating beside the playground and central courtyard to provide more shade and shelter for our students. We will be holding an open-door evening early next term to allow you to come in and see our new spaces once they are set up and running. Keep an eye out for this date.

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