Our Curriculum

Learning Advisory

Each student will belong to an advisory group - one teacher will be their advisor or personal coach, for the duration of their time at RSHS. Advisors will work alongside students to set learning goals, monitor their progress, help students reflect on their learning and make wise choices. Advisors will also establish strong partnerships with parents/caregivers of learners in their designated group. In addition, advisors will coach students in choosing and developing their on-going pathways.

Learning Advisories will work up to being Year 11-13 composite groups.

Learning Modules

Learning module units will be co-constructed, taught and assessed collaboratively by teachers from two curriculum learning areas in response to student needs and interests. These modules will foster deep learning and student engagement, with meaningful connections across learning areas. Each Learning Module will integrate 2 NZC Learning Areas, be taught by 2 teachers to a group of up to 60 students, for a duration of 1 school semester. Students will work with their learning advisors to select 3 Learning Modules to study in each semester.


Every student will need to take 1 Learning Module that includes elements of the English curriculum, and 1 Learning Module that contains elements of the Mathematics and Statistics curriculum, each semester. The coverage of curriculum Learning Areas will be carefully mapped by the students and their learning advisors to ensure they are learning in contexts that are interesting to them, but that they are also being challenged and exposed to all learning areas.


Learning Modules will involve Year 11 students.


Project based learning involves real world, authentic, integrated learning. The learning in projects starts with the hooks and passions of students to drive the learning process.

Students are supported by staff and are guided through the learning process.

Students will use skills such as, problem solving, critical thinking, financial literacy, communication skills and interpersonal skills. All of these are skills required by future employers. In developing these skills, learning will be transferable and be meaningful. Projects will make a difference to others and society.





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